Užití myšlenkových map v knowledge managementu

Using Mind Maps for Knowledge Management.
Spojení myšlenkových map s managementem znalostí je přirozené z mnoha důvodů. O tom, jak může mind mapping pomoci při zvládání neustále rostoucího toku informací a při jeho uspůsobení potřebám rozhodování, pojednává zajímavý článek na portálu novamind.com.
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Dovoluji si citovat fragmenty nejzajímavějších částí článku:
"In these days of information overload, the compact way of representing ideas that is embodied in Mind Mapping is essential. You can summarize a huge amount of information in a very compact space. ... As you gather the data, you can put it into a Mind Map as keywords and short phrases representing each topic and subtopic. As you do so, you are naturally deleting, distorting and filtering the data to become information and to match with the knowledge and information you already have. This helps deal with data and information overload. As you arrange the Mind Map, you are starting to group the information so that the linkages between the ideas convey meaning. The organization is exactly the same as when information is organized in your brain. .... As you graft the topics and use the colors and topic shapes and images to indicate the commonality of ideas, you are building the understanding of the patterns within the information, and generalizing back to the root topics. ... So you are automatically turning the data into information and the information into knowledge as you create and refine your Mind Maps. This knowledge consists not only of the keywords on the topics, but also the colors, positioning and connections the topics have, as well as the images, boundaries, task information, priorities, topic notes, attached files, and all your hyperlinks to other documents, web pages and resources. They all go to make up the sum of the knowledge contained in the Mind Map. The compactness and richness of this visual representation of the knowledge makes Mind Maps excellent knowledge management tools, so that when you (or somebody else) need the information, it is right there in an easily understood format, and with all the richness of the information and data behind it. ... Using Mind Maps in this way ensures that you can manage the volume of data, process it efficiently into information and package it up into knowledge without getting overloaded. ... To my knowledge, there is no other tool better suited to this process of creating and maintaining close to optimal performance than through Mind Mapping."
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