VisualWebRipper - review

Visual Web Ripper - www.visualwebripper.com - contains a wealth of advanced features that enables to harvest data from even the most difficult websites. The web scraping software contains far too many features to list them all here, so I'll show a few of the most important features that make the software powerful and easy to use. Designing web scraping projects is easy with the visual project editor. No scripting or coding required. Simply load the website in the build-in web browser and use your mouse to point and click on the content your want to extract and the links you want to follow. Configure a project to follow hundreds of links by just a few clicks. The project editor contains tools to assist you developing data extraction patterns that work even when the page layouts changes slightly, and it's all done by simple point and click operations. Visual Web Ripper can be configured to download complete content structures, such as product catalogs. You only have to configure a few templates and the web scraper will figure out the rest and download all the data for you. The web scraping software has many advanced features to help you optimize web scraping performance and reliability. Such features are very important if you want to scrape data from thousands or even hundreds of thousands of web pages. The web scraping software can submit web forms, such as search forms or online booking forms. A web form can be submitted for all possible input values, so a web scraping project could be configured to submit a hotel booking form for all possible room types for example. Visual Web Ripper has a sophisticated set of tools that enables you to scrape data from the most complex AJAX websites, but please remember that some AJAX websites will be a challenge for the novice user. Visual Web Ripper can export extracted web data to almost anywhere. You can export data to CSV, Excel, XML, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and OleDB. You can also use an export script to completely customize data export if you have basic programming skills. Data is exported automatically to chosen export destination whena data extraction project completes, so you don't have to export data manually. If you are running an online shop and want to scrape your competitors' prices to compare with your own prices, then you probably don't want your competitors to know about it. Visual Web Ripper can make it almost impossible to detect your web scraping activity. Visual Web Ripper can use an instance of Internet Explorer to connect to a website and if you also add a random time delay between requests, your web scraping activity will look like just another web user. You can also configure a web scraping project to use a list of proxy servers in order to hide your IP address. Sequentum offers a FREE account at Private Proxy Switch for our customers and trial users to use with Visual Web Ripper. Visual Web Ripper provides many useful scheduling options. An email can be sent to you every time a web scraping project completes, or an email can be sent only when the project fails. You can use to run web scraping projects silently from the Windows command-line
The web scraping software has a completely open API, so you can control nearly everything from your own applications. You can create and modify web scraping projects, run the projects and read the extracted data using the API. You will learn much more on the poduct-website: http://www.visualwebripper.com/.  If you would like to see an example how to set up Visual Web Ripper to achieve the goal, please clck HERE. I am preparing my All-in-One Slideshow-review, which will show the user interface, menus-system, functions and the workflow. You will find the link to the slideshow here in this weblog, soon.