Email Responder -

Microsoft Outlook Out of Office Email Responder.
The Email Responder belongs to the portfolio of the 4team Corporation
Email Responder add-in for Microsoft Outlook is an easy to use Outlook Out of Office auto-reply assistant. It will help you create and send custom auto-reply messages in response to incoming emails automatically. You can use pre-made auto reply templates or create your own custom templates based on your current status in Microsoft Outlook Calendar or Skype. Create different auto-reply templates for each Calendar status, such as Away, Out of Office, Vacation, or other custom status types. Use custom filters to automatically reply to emails received to selected accounts or from selected senders only. Auto-reply messages will be sent even if you are away from your computer. Schedule the Status to be turned on or off at specified time intervals and set the recurrence (daily/weekly/monthly) mode. Your Out of Office or On Vacation message will be delivered automatically in response to all or specified incoming messages.
- Link your status to the status of Outlook Calendar events or Skype, edit and/or create your own templates to make your email response correct and accurate.
- Schedule the status to be turned on/off automatically at the specified time intervals, recurrence pattern and range.  
- The Email Responder status icon on MS Outlook toolbar allows for a one-click change of your Status.  
-Use filters to respond only to selected Contacts or a Distribution list of Contacts, and only to e-mail received to selected accounts.
- Close Outlook or change Email Responder status by sending a special email with your password, if you are away from your computer.
- Create rules of autoforwarding e-mails with a message compression to an email address, mobile phone, or pager.
- Save and Retrieve Outlook Email Responder Options.
- Do not send more than one notification to the same sender if the status has not changed.
- Disregard responses from other Email Responder users; create custom rules to eliminate unnecessary responses.
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