System Navigator Review

SysNav provides the user with all the possible options for file management, starting from the simple ones like creating, deleting, copying and moving files, to the complex operations of file splitting and merging, compressing, burning etc. It operates using dual panel interface which allows high performance usage.
Main features.
Dual Monitor and Center panel
The usage of dual panels is the easiest way of manipulating files. Having two destination folders shown at once is a time saver,it takes only a second of your time to adjust the panels to suite your needs. If dual panels are something you are not used to, it can be switched off and changed to one single panel.
Center panel is the unique feature that contains a number of different options that change according to the type of file you select showing only the options most commonly used on files of that particular type. For example, it will show resize option when you select a photo, edit for textual files, etc. 
Social Networking
SysNav is primarily focused on file management, but it integrates full interaction options with the most popular of these networks - Facebook. You can use SysNav to upload your photos to your Facebook profile or page, set visibility options, create and manage photo albums and much more. 
FTP Manager
Exeone team has improved FTP and Secure FTP client, and added all the features that most users will need. Next to file downloads and uploads, you can instantly preview and edit remote files. All features that System Navigator previously supported for regular FTP is not available for SFTP. It represents secured transfer over standard File Transfer Protocol that use asynchronious data encryption impossible to intercept. 
Image Operations
SysNav offers lots of sophisticated image operations that can be performed on one and more files simultaniusly. For instance you can select all images contained in chosen folders, convert them to another format and put them in one destination folder, or resize them and upload to Facebook or Flickr
SysNav is improving it all the time, adding all kinds of features for viewing, editing and group operations.
Manage your Files
System Navigator represents cutting-edge software in file managing. 
It includes all the best solutions to be as user-friendly as possible. Highly optimized user interface allows every operation to be performed in just a few clicks. Intelligent and intuitive concept binds all the parts of the program making file management very easy.
CD-DVD Burner
System Navigator contains all features necessary to burn your compilation on CD or DVD media. The advanced tool for CD/DVD burning was integrated into System Navigator in order to make it a complete solution.
For more detailed info about the available features go to the Features page, or start exploring your System Navigator by downloading a trial!
Exeone - http://www.exeone.com - is software development company established in 2000 by different programming teams from several computer companies. Since then, Exeone worked on a number of projects including desktop, web and mobile applications for its clients from all over the world which finally lead to the creation of the multiply awarded file management software System Navigator.


Poker Genius Review

Poker Genius contains a comprehensive suite of powerful poker tools.You may be wondering how you can best use these tools to improve and polish your game. Reading poker books is an excellent way to learn and understand new poker concepts. You can put the concepts into practice by trying them out in Poker Genius. The combination of a well written reference book and the ability to demonstrate those conceptsimmediately will solidify your understanding. There is no substitute for experience. With Poker Genius you can play at high speed to gain experience fast. Unlike real cash games, you can experiment with new styles and learn without losing your money. PG offeres a wide variety of different player styles to practice against.  PG supports all types of Limit and No-Limit Holdem games: Full Ring, 5-max, 6-max, Heads-Up. Master any poker tournament structure. PG included numerous predefined tournaments such as Sit-n-Go, Pokerstars Sunday Million, WCOOP, Turbos, Double-or-Nothing. Poker Genius utilizes Artificial Intelligence research developed over more than 10 yearsPoker Genius uses cutting edge machine learning algorithms and advanced understanding of game theory to dynamically adapt its play.
Full text of the review:http://photo-sw-news.akamonitor.cz/2014/08/poker-genius-review.html


Cyberghost VPN - review

CyberGhost VPN creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN), operating on a strong encryption, which keeps your data secured when communicating with the CyberGhost VPN network. Once connected to a CyberGhost VPN server, user will receive a new IP address, which - unlike the one you are assigned to by your provider – can in no way be used to identify you, respectively your Internet connection. With CyberGhost VPN you will be tunneled encrypted directly from your PC to the CyberGhost VPN network. Not even your provider can tell what's going on inside this tunnel. Once you have established a connection with the CyberGhost VPN net you can choose from different servers the one, which shall be your ramp to the Internet. At the same time, the IP address, you had been assigned to before by your Internet provider, will be exchanged with a CyberGhost VPN address. From that moment on, you have a different identity, an identity you share with all other users currently using the respective server. To any third party outside you are a CyberGhost, and your original IP identity will be hidden.
Main Features
- CyberGhost VPN tunnels you safely and strongly encrypted directly from your PC in to its virtual private network (VPN) and releases you anonymized into the Internet. Its encryption is based on SSL, works with 256 bit and is generated on your PC, so no third party can intercept the keys.
- CyberGhost VPN allows the usage of all internet programs, regardless its purposes, and keeps your IP address reliable hidden while you surf, download or communicate. Only exception is the sending of emails to keep spammers out of the service. 
- CyberGhost VPN protects you in public WLANs and Hotspots and prevents hackers and data sniffers from spying into your transmissions.
- CyberGhost VPN has a highly proficient server pool for its Free Service and its customers, constantly being improved and expanded.
- Free choice of servers for subscribers.
- Bandwidth of up to an average of 6.000 kBit/s and more for Premium and Premium Plus subscribers. Depending on the respective server uplink the speed can reach the speed of a user's usual Internet connection.
- CyberGhost VPN comes with an easy going Windows client and additionally supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP on Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, Linux and Android. 
- CyberGhost VPN supports all sorts of Internet connection, e.g. WLAN, Internet coffee shop, UMTS, DSL, ISDN, modem.
- CyberGhost VPN offers real flat rates on all subscription plans.
- Integrated Firewall as an expanded security feature.
- Instant blocking of all Internet traffic after unsuspected disconnection from the VPN
More information: http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7

ASC 7 Ultimate garanties the protection and Ultimate Performance. Protects you against viruses, spyware, hackers, phishing, botnets and more. Secures your privacy when surfing online in real time. Boosts, cleans, and fixes all kinds of PC problems with just 1 click Light and fast, compatible with other security products.
Based on #1 ranked BitDefender antivirus technology and IObit anti-malware engine, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 incorporates top anti-virus capabilities, as well as the already proven comprehensive PC tune-up ability. It provides protection against all kinds of security threats, system slowdown, freeze and crash without slowing down your system.
Review of the PRO version 6.2
Slideshow of the PRO version 6.2
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 is compatible with other security software, and it includes all features of ASC PRO. 
Full set of features - last version of ASC Ultimate 7:
Basic Protection from Security Threats
Enhanced Malware Protection
Keep Your System Free From Viruses, Trojans and Worms
Proactively Block Threats When Downloading and Sharing
Surf and Search the Web Safely
Enjoy Confident Security without System Slowdown
Basic System Optimization
Ultimate System Tuneup for Top Performance
Up to 300% Internet Speedup with Internet Booster
Real-time Optimization with Active Optimize
Deep Windows Registry Clean
Maximum Hard Drive Performance
Over 20 Smart Tools for Daily PC Maintenance
Auto Clean for Privacy Security Whenever You Log on
Block Malicious Attempts to Access Your Personal Data
The url of the product-page:
The url of my All-in-One Slideshow-review of the ASC 7 Ultimate:http://www.akamonitor.cz/product-reviews2/ASC7U/


Přesun recenzí

Dobrý den přátelé! Podařilo se rozšířit webový prostor pro "akamonitor.cz" o další GB. To mi umožnilo soustředit do jednoho místa všechny recenze produktů ( foto, video, utility a j. ), včetně těch, které byly během posledních měsíců uloženy na "a2hosting". Děkuji firmě ZONER za vstřícnost při řešení podmínek přesunu. 


ABBYY FineReader Online - nová služba

Společnost ABBYY oznamuje nástup aplikace ABBYY FineReader Online 4.0, nové verze cloudové služby OCR (optické rozpoznávání znaků) a konverze dokumentů.  Aktualizovaná služba nabízí uživatelům flexibilnější a dostupnější ceny společně s moderním rozhraním a zdokonalenými funkcemi: kompatibilita s cloudovými úložišti, další konverzní formáty a slučování dokumentů. Nové sazby jsou navrženy pro nejširší škálu potřeb: cenové balíčky jsou k dispozici na měsíc nebo rok od 200 do 12,000 stránek. Zároveň se služba stala bezplatnou pro uživatele, kteří chtějí rozpoznat jen několik, maximálně 5 stránek za měsíc. Nově registrovaní uživatelé získávají 10 stránek zdarma. Výsledky rozpoznávání lze ihned stáhnout nebo odeslat do cloudových úložišť: kromě Google Drive a Dropbox služba nyní podporuje také Microsoft OneDrive. Služba FineReader Online ukládá všechny soubory zpracované uživatelem na serveru po dobu 2 týdnů.  Kromě široce používaných kancelářských formátů služba nyní podporuje převod do formátů čteček elektronických knih ePub a fb2, které umožňují pohodlné čtení v mobilních zařízeních, i do formátu Microsoft® PowerPoint. Služba ABBYY FineReader Online umožňuje uživatelům převádět digitální snímky (skenované obrázky, fotografie) a soubory PDF do editovatelných formátů včetně Microsoft® Word, Excel®, a PDF (PDF/A), bez nutnosti instalace jakéhokoli speciálního softwaru a z libovolného zařízení: z počítače, laptopu, tabletu nebo chytrého telefonu. Služba FineReader Online podporuje rozpoznávání textu ve 42 jazycích včetně většiny evropských jazyků, práci s vícejazykovými (až tři jazyky současně) a vícestránkovými dokumenty a zachovává strukturu a formát textu včetně odrážek, číslovaných seznamů, sloupců a tabulek. Služba je nyní k dispozici v angličtině, ruštině a francouzštině. Další informace jsou dispozici na webových stránkách služby: http://www.finereaderonline.com. Můžete si také zalistovat v mé "FOLLOW ME!" slideshow na adrese: www.akamonitor.cz/product-reviews2/FinReaOnline/