PowerArchiver 2015 Toolbox

PowerArchiver 2015 Toolbox (PATB) is a product of the firm ConeXware, which was founded in Huntington Beach, California, in 2001. Since that time ConeXware have opened two European offices and expanded the presence of PowerArchiver in many coutries.
You can find 3 versions of PowerArchiver on the market: PA 2015 Standard, PA 2015 Professional and PA 2015 Toolbox
PowerArchiver 2015 Toolbox represents a powerful and complete set of tools on the market. All of PowerArchiver applications are combined into one package. PA Toolbox includes PowerArchiver Pro, PowerArchiver Command Line, PowerArchiver for Outlook, PowerArchiver Backup, PowerArchiver Cloud browser,Encryption Suite with OpenPGP, PowerArchiver Secure FTP Client, Power Archiver Data Burner and PowerArchiver Virtual ISO Drive.
The PowerArchiver features cover the whole workflow:
- Compress - Most compatible archiver out there that opens all files your friends and colleagues will send over.
- Encrypt - Secure and Encrypt files in Zip, Zipx, 7z and PAE formats. Full OpenPGP support. FIPS 140-2 validation.
- Send - Compress files for up to 90% smaller size. Microsoft Outlook Add-In and Secure FTP included.
- Backup - Enterprise grade, fully standalone Backup application with VSS, S/FTP, burner, logs and more.
Here is the comparison of the 3 PowerArhiver versions:
- PowerArchiver features: Open ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, ISO and 20 other file formats.Full Windows 7 support with UAC elevation and VSS!Multicore compression and fastest RAR extraction
- PowerArchiver features plus: PowerArchiver Backup w/ VSS.Send files to FTP/SFTP server.Burn files to CD/DVD/BD discs.PowerArchiver Command Line.PowerArchiver Outlook Plug-in.
- PowerArchiver Pro features plus: PowerArchiver Virtual ISO Drive – Mount ISO files as CD/DVD drives!Full PowerArchiver Data Burner.Full PowerArchiver Secure FTP client.Zip To Email – Premium Email plugin.
Where to find more information:
- Product web-page of the PowerArchiver: www.powerarchiver.com
- Detail description of features of all PA versions: 
- All-in-One Slideshow-review: