Why XARA Web Designer

Why xara designer
• No HTML or JavaScript required, even for creating responsive sites with mobile or tablet variants
• One software package to create and publish your site. Web Designer offers all the tools you’ll ever need for page layout, graphics, text, photos and animation, from concept to completion
• Complete design freedom; you can literally place anything anywhere on the page. Effects that are traditionally difficult to achieve in HTML editors - such as text with curved edges or at an angle - are a snap in Web Designer
• It’s genuinely WYSIWYG, what you see in Web Designer is exactly what you get on your web page
• A choice of professionally designed templates, for quick, great looking results. Customize as much as you need or create pages from scratch
• A great rapid website prototyping tool
• Loads of clever, time and effort saving tricks such as text flow around objects, buttons and text panels that automatically expand as you enter text, easy mouseover, menu and pop-up effects, and one click changing of site wide theme colors
• Works with industry standards - W3C compliant and cross
browser compatible´.