XARA Web Designer Premium - whats new

Recent additions to Web Designer Premium include:
• An enhancement of the ‘sticky’ feature that lets you stick an object to the top of the page when it reaches it
• Almost 40 new ‘on reveal’ animation types
• New scrolling animations including parallax effects
Masses of new content including all 160+ business themes previously sold as optional extras at $15 each!
• New SmartShapes including charts and Photo Grids
• The Font Awesome symbols are supplemented by Google’s Material Design icons, making more than 1500 integrated symbols & icons in total, with new search feature
Continued improvements to Xara Online Designer, which offers remote editing of your website, from anywhere and on any device
• ‘Website M’ hosting with 2GB space, free for a year
For details on these and other new features visit www.xara.com.
You can see many of the new features on these 2 demo sites:

Plus The Update Service means you get a perpetual license to the most current version when you buy, plus access to new features and content as they are developed for the next 365 days.