Turn your PC and laptop into a better radio and television, with onlineTV 15

Grab the best international radio and TV entertainment on your PC
Product web-page address: https://engelmann.com/en/online-tv-15-offer/
With onlineTV 15. you can stream the most popular channels for international television programs from the internet directly to your laptop. 

With onlineTV 15, you can receive over 150 TV programs - from 16 different countries - in 7 different languages.
For radio, you even have the choice of over 1000 stations from more than 80 different countries!

New functions in version 15 are:
- Various formats rearding video recording: In version 15, you now have the choice between several formats, e.g: AVI, WMV, MP4 and others.
- Customize your GUI: From now on, onlineTV 15 offers you a different, brighter design. You can also adjust the size of the font according to your wishes.
- “Intelligent restart”: If a stream was interrupted in earlier versions (e.g. radio hole during train journeys), the stream had to be restarted manually. OnlineTV 15 now detects when the connection is interrupted, stops playback and automatically resumes the stream as soon as this is possible again.
Best of all:
OnlineTV 15 is not a subscription service. As long as you use the software, you can stream everything 100% free of charge.
The price is one time fee! There are no additional costs. You do not need a TV card in your laptop

Overview of countries and stations

With online TV 15, you will receive:
8 TV programs from Belgium, 2 TV  from Chile, 56 TV  from Germany, 14 TV  from England, 19 TV programs from France, 10 TV  from Italy, 3 TV  from Colombia, 6 TV  from Mexico, 6 TV  from Austria, 3 TV  from Panama, 2 TV from Peru. 5 TV  from Russia. 3 TV  from Switzerland. 6 TV  from Spain, 9 TV  from Turkey. 
The current list of channels (and countries) you can stream via onlineTV 15 is constantly being updated and added to
Even users who are already using the program can benefit from the updates.

Other functions are:
- Multimedia databases - You have direct access via onlineTV 15 to a whole load of multimedia content. They include The best music videos and the most interesting webcam pictures also around the world.
- Read daily newspapers online and fee - onlineTV 15 offers you the online editions of many popular and foreign daily newspapers on your laptop for you to read for free.
- No additional players - onlineTV 15 allows you to receive modern HTML5 streams. You don’t need a Flash or Media player to enjoy radio/TV programs.
- Media libraries and web recorders - OnlineTV 15 offers you access to all the content of the on-demand libraries provided by the public broadcasters. So, you can enjoy this content any time, any place.

System Requirements
Windows 10, 8, 7 (both 32- and 64-bit) and Android (version 5 or higher)
IExplorer® version 10 or higher
Optional: Flash Player ( or higher).
Optional: Windows® Mediaplayer 11 or higher
Important: It isn’t possible to access the Android app in the demo version.

On the product web-page you can get answers on following questios:
- Is the television reception live?
- How is the Android version installed?
- Can all TV stations also be watched abroad?
- Is there really just a single one-off payment for this software?
- Why are videos permanently buffered or not displayed at all at first?
- Why is there no sound coming from the programs that I recorded? Or what does the message mean that no recording source was found?
- Why is there no version of OnlineTV for the iPad or iPhone?
- Why are videos only saved in AVI format on my machine?
- Why does a virus scanner report OnlineTV as being malware?
-You will recenive information about issues which may also arise on your computer.
A selection of actions that you should definitely take:

- Update your Windows to the latest version via the Windows update function.
- Update your OnlineTV to the latest version.
- Update your Flash Player version if you still have it installed. Even if the latest version of OnlineTV 15 no longer requires Flash Player, this program often ends up becoming so deeply embedded in the system that this can cause problems. Important: You must install - Update the drivers for your graphics card and sound card.
If you are using a firewall, the following ports must be activated: Port 80 (outgoing TCP), Port 1935 (outgoing TCP and UDP) and Port 19350-65535 (incoming UDP).